ACSE is represented by eleven habilitated members in the Doctoral School of Automatic Control and Computers of UPB. They supervise Ph.D. theses carrying out top research in the field of “Systems Engineering (IS)”. The doctoral research topics proposed and supervised by the ACSE supervisors are similar to those in the world-renowned universities, opening perspectives of knowledge and innovation in intelligent control systems with machine learning techniques, such as: cyber-physical systems, optimal control with machine learning, big data modelling and control, high-performance computing techniques, Internet of Things, distributed intelligence management systems, cognitive computing, optimization of task planning, allocation of resources and services, artificial intelligence with engineering applications, computer systems for services, robotics. For more details, consult the scientific offer of the UPB Doctoral School of Automation and Computers.

ACSE members of the Doctoral School in the field of Systems Engineering:

Academician Ioan Dumitrache

Prof. dr. ing. Cătălin Buiu

Prof. dr. ing. Monica Drăgoicea

Prof. dr. ing. Bogdan Dumitrescu

Prof. dr. ing. Ciprian Lupu

Prof. dr. Ion Necoară

Prof. dr. ing. Cristian Oară

Prof. dr. ing. Dumitru Popescu

Prof. dr. ing. Ioan Sacală

Prof. dr. ing. Florin Stoican

Prof. dr. ing. Dan Ștefănoiu