Department of
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Română (Romanian)

Research groups

ACSE ranks as the top research Department devoted to control and systems engineering nationwide, and has a long-standing international reputation.

Our research and academic staff are doing research in a number of well-established fields as well as in emerging areas and are nationwide leards in the study of advanced control and systems theory and engineering. Staff is often involved in more than one of the research groups or, alternatively, in individual research work. Much of our research is multi-disciplinary and results in partnerships with national academic and industrial institutions, and extensive collaboration with other academic departments worldwide.

Research in ACSE is organized in two research centres and several research groups:

Industrial Automation and Advanced Control Structures (AISTEC)

Dynamical Systems: Control, Optimization and Numerical Algorithms (DYSCONA)

Complex Systems Laboratory (xLab)

Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES)

Modelling and Simulation Support for Systems of Systems Engineering and Biological Applications (MaSeSoS)

Natural Computing and Robotics (natuRO)

Signal Processing and System Identification (S-PSI)