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Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Română (Romanian)

Natural Computing and Robotics (natuRO)

The natuRO group is headed by Prof. Catalin Buiu who supervises a number of 4 Ph.D. students (Gabriel Tirlea, Roxana Dava, Irina Petre, Mihai Gansari). Andrei Florea has defended his Ph.D. thesis in July 2018 and is working as a Teaching Assistant. We are active in the following research areas:

  • application of natural computing techniques to solving engineering problems, like the development of automatic techniques for detection of meteors;
  • development of bioinspired mechanisms for robot control, security of robot swarms, and  human-robot interaction;
  • brain-computer interfaces;
  • computational biology: modeling and simulation of HIV glycoproteins, computational mutagenesis, neuropsychopharmacology.


Laboratory of Natural Computing and Robotics


Recent and ongoing grants:

  1. Audio-video station for automatic detection of meteors, UEFISCDI Partnerships Grant, 2012-2015, 300.000 lei, Responsible for UPB: Catalin Buiu;
  2. Development of biologically inspired integrated cognitive architectures, CNCS Ideas Grant, 2008-2011, 475.000 lei, Principal Investigator: Catalin Buiu.

Recent publications (IF=Impact Factor, RIS=Relative Influence Score). More details on

A. Journals

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B. Peer-reviewed full-length conference papers

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