Department of
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Română (Romanian)

Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES)

Main research directions:

  • Virtual enterprise environments (Distributed, adaptive and interoperable virtual enterprises; Internet-based, user-centric collaboration and sharing for the networked enterprise; Innovative dynamic composition of business services; Virtual worlds and Mixed reality powered enterprises)
  • Factories of the Future (Holistic modeling and simulation of complex products and processes; Efficient and sustainable lifecycle management of products and services; New manufacturing business models and practices)
  • Collection and Distribution of Intelligence and Knowledge (Advanced collective intelligence; Ambient intelligence; Automated resource search and discovery; Semantically-enriched, context-aware and reusable business knowledge; Real-time and highly dispersed knowledge management
  • Internet of Things (IoT) (Integration of virtual and physical worlds; Distributed networked devices; Open protocols and standardization; Smart objects; Trustworthy ubiquitous network infrastructures
  • Internet of Services (Service Management and Engineering; Open, federated Service Architectures and Platforms; Cloud Computing; Advanced Software Engineering; Web Service Composition

Team kernel:

  • Professor dr. eng. Ioan Dumitrache
  • Professor dr. eng. Nicolae Constantin
  • Professor dr. eng. Mihai Caramihai
  • Associate Professor dr. eng. Monica Dragoicea
  • Lecturer dr.  eng. Ioan Stefan Sacala
  • Lecturer dr. eng. Alexandru Dumitrascu
  • Assistant  Professor dr. eng. Monica Patrascu

Group collaborators:

  • Prof.dr.eng. Simona Iuliana Caramihai
  • Prof.dr.eng. Aurelian Mihai Stanescu
  •  Lecturer Mihnea Moisescu
  •  Lecturer Calin Muntean



  • George Burlacu
  • Luiza Cojocaru
  • Georgiana Stegaru
  • Cristian Danila
  • Monika Benea
  • Mircea Anghelescu


  • Repta Dragos
  • Bogdan Anghelescu

Research projects in the last 3 years:

  • FP7 – Coordination and Support Action ICT Call 4 FP7-ICT-2009-4, “UpgradiNg ICT excellence by strengthening cooperation between research Teams in an enlarged Europe” Project Number 248583, Acronym: UNITE
  • EU FP7 Integrated Project 216256 “Enterprise Collaboration and Interoperability” Acronym: COIN,
  • PNCDI2 – Partnerships 81022/2007, “Advanced Technologies for navigation equipment designing and testing in complex environments”, Acronym: TANACO
  •  PNCDI2 – Partenerships 81011/2007, “Methods for calculation and definition of subsonic aircraft configuration during the pre-concept phase”, Acronym: CASCADNET

Most important List of publications


  1. Ioan Stefan Sacala, Mihail Dumitru Sacala, Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu,„Wave refraction based analysis” Revista Romana de Statistica, Nr.3/2011, ISSN 1018-046X.
  2. Vergil Voineagu, Mihail Dumitru Sacala, Ioan Stefan Sacala „Technical analysismethod based on wave refraction”, Journal of ECONOMIC COMPUTATION AND ECONOMIC CYBERNETICS STUDIES AND RESEARCH, No. 3/2011, pg. 5-25, category ISI, ISSN 1842 – 3264
  3. Ioan Stefan Sacala, Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu, Mihai Sacala, TOWARDS THE DEVELOPMENT OF FUTURE INTERNET ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS, Revista Romana de Statistica, Nr.2/2010, ISSN 1018-046X,
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  5. Hanchevici A.B., Patrascu M., Dumitrache I. 2012 – A Hybrid PID-Fuzzy Control for Linear SISO Systems with Variant Communication Delays, Advances in Fuzzy Systems, Sp.Is. Fuzzy Functions, Relations, and Fuzzy Transforms
  6. Buiu C., Arsene O., Cipu C., Patrascu M. – A software tool for modeling and simulation of numerical P systems, BioSystems, vol. 13, pp. 442-447, 2011.

Books/chapters in books:

  1. Calin Munteanu, Simona Iuliana Caramihai, Mihnea Moisescu, Ioan Stefan Sacala “Sisteme Dinamice cu Evenimente Discrete”, Editura Printech, ISBN 978-606-521-199-5.
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  1. Aurelian Mihai Stanescu, Lucian Ionescu, Vasile Georgescu, Mihnea Moisescu, Ioan Sacala “Towards Digital Business EcoSystem Analysis” Handbook on Business Information Systems, MIT Press, 2009, ISBN10:  9812836055.


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