Department of
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Română (Romanian)

Dynamical Systems: Control, Optimization and Numerical Algorithms (DYSCONA)

The DYSCONA Group does cutting-edge research in various aspects of dynamical systems covering a large number of topics including, but not limited to: control of multivariable linear and nonlinear systems (T. Airimițoaie, C. Oară, R. Ștefan, V. Tanasă, A. Țiclea), convex optimization for 1- and 2-dimensional system design (B. Dumitrescu, B. Șicleru), distributed and optimal control (I. Necoară), safety-critical reconfiguration-systems (B. Ciubotaru, Florin Stoican), robust control (C. Oară, R. Ștefan), structure-exploring and sparse approximations algorithms (B. Dumitrescu, I. Necoară), and parallel algorithms (B. Dumitrescu, I. Necoară).

Current research income totalling over 1 Million Euros, from various national and EU grants, is used to fund DYSCONA research laboratories and to support our research programmes.

Below is a list of current research contracts:

  • Sparse representations in signal processing, CNCS Idei Grant, 01/10/2011-30/09/2014, 667.500 Lei, Principal Investigator: Bogdan Dumitrescu.
  • EMBOCON (Embedded optimization for resource constrained platforms), European Comission FP7 Grant, 15/01/ 2010 – 30/06/2013, 392.000 Euro, Principal Investigator: Ion Necoară.
  • METNET (Mathematical Engineering Tools for Networks: Optimization and Control), CNCS TE Grant, 1/08/2010 – 30/07/2013, 699.000 Lei, Principal Investigator: Ion Necoară.
  • Robust control in nonstandard cases, CNCS Idei Grant, 01/10/2011-30/09/2014, 1.440.000 Lei, Principal Investigator: Cristian Oară.
  • New solutions for nonlinear output control, CNCS TE Grant, 580.000 Lei, Principal investigator: Alexandru Țiclea.