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Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

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Associate Professor, PhD Monica PĂTRAȘCU

Associate Professor

Email:monica dot patrascu at upb dot ro

Office:ED 207


Monica Patrascu has studied control engineering at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, Politehnica University of Bucharest, where she received M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in 2009 and 2012. The latter had a dissertation on Advanced Techniques for Seismic Vibration Control.

Research interests include intelligent control systems, evolutionary computing, large scale systems, heuristic optimization, emergent systems, complex systems.

Some master's research themes and undergrad diploma projects include: Emergency situation management using multi-agent systems, Modelling of behaviour scenarios for emergency response situations, Heuristic optimization of seismic vibration control algorithms.


Complex Systems Laboratory

IEEE Senior Member

Research grants

*2016 Evolutionary Algorithms for Intelligent Route Generation for Emergency Vehicles in Urban Traffic, 05/26.09.2016 (EvoIR) won under the "Excellence Research Grants" Program, UPB – GEX. Identifier: UPB–EXCELENTA–2016. This project deals with research in Evolutionary Computing applied to Control Systems Engineering, by using evolutionary algorithms to generate routes for emergency vehicles. The main challenge is providing responses in a continuously evolving environment within a prescribed time frame, while using limited resources and information that is often incomplete or uncertain.



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* Patrascu M., Baracu T., Badescu V., Birsan M-V., Teodosiu C., Degeratu M., Avram E.R., Udrea M., Calancea L., Mesteru C. 2018 - Modeling air leakage in buildings caused by the cyclic variation of the atmospheric pressure, Building Services Engineering Research and Technology, vol. 39, is. 4, pp. 430-462,
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Toolboxes and software

GAOT-ECM: Extension For Control And Modeling (implements genetic algorithms for industrial plant identification and PID controller design; Patrascu M., Ion A.)
GAOT-ECM: Seismic Vibration Case Study (Patrascu M., Ion A.)
BehaviourGenerationGA (A genetic mechanism for reasoning and behaviour generation; Ion A., Patrascu M.)