Department of
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Română (Romanian)

Professor Dumitru POPESCU

Professor, Ph.D. advisor

Email:dumitru dot popescu at acse dot pub dot ro

Office:ED 004



Dumitru Popescu has received the title of professor in 1993 from the faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, Politehnica University of Bucharest. He received his M.S. and PhD degrees in 1966 and 1978 respectively. He has been visiting or invited professor in many foreign universities: Tampere University, (prof. I.Tabus), 1999; IP Torino (prof. Naldi), 1998, 2000; Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs d’Annecy, Université de Savoie (prof. L. Foulloy)  2002, 2004; Ecole Centrale de Lille (prof. P. Borne),  2005, 2015;  University of Konstantz (prof.F. Ionescu), 2009; Faculté de Mathématique et Informatique, Université Joules Verne de Picardie (prof. A.Hajjaji) 2003; ESIGELEC de Rouen ( prof. Chafouk), 2018,  2019.

He served in the technical program committee of several conferences, including:  MED 2010, 2011, IFAC  LSS 2010- Chile, IFAC MCPL- Sibiu 2007 and Coimbra 2010, IFAC LSS -Gdansk 2007, IFAC SSC 2007 Brasil, CSCS  2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019-Bucharest, ICSTCC– Sinaia, 2011-2019, and as chairman of the IFAC SSC’97 Conference of Bucharest, October 23-26, 1997, of the International Francophone Conference CIFA 2008, UPB-Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, 3-5 September 2008, of the International Conference ICSCS 2013, Lille, France, august 26-28, ICSTC Conference  and co-chairman of the International Conference ICSCS 2012, Lille, France, august 25-26, 2012,  organized under the auspices of UST Lille and with the support of FP7-ERRIC europeen project.

In the research area, professor Dumitru Popescu has published more than 200 research articles and 24 books in the field of Automatic Control. As the  director of the Research Center in Automation, Process Control and Computer ACPC from UPB, he has coordinated or carried out projects in partnership: EUREKA IKF RO project, Information Knowledge  Fusion (2001-2003); PAI-Brancus projects, Virtual Laboratory and Remote Control (2003-2005); CEC-WYS-FP6, Central European Center for Young Scientists (2004-2006); ECONET, Réseau de Recherche en Automatique Avancée (2006-2008); ARCUS - project Grayshim in Automatique et Informatique Appliquée (2007-2009); CANTI, research platform for Advanced Control and New Information Technologies (2006-2009); Numerical Control Systems for Industrial Applications, SINAPSE, Innovation Program P5 contract 216/2008 (2008-2011); ERRIC, European Project FP7, WP6 responsible (2009-2013); Digital electronic control systems for wind turbines and photovoltaic cells ENERGYLIFE, project POSCCE 02.3.1, 486 / 31.07.2013 (2013-2014 and project PED 228,  PNIII-SINTELPV, responsible (2017-2019).

He is PhD advisor in the field of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering since 1993. (39 theses, including 11 as co-advisor with European universities); coordinator of the master program in Advanced Automation, 1997-2016;  he was dean of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers and member of the Senate of UPB, 2004-2012; founder and director of ’’Ecole d ’Éte Francophone en Commande Avancee et Nouvelles Technologies’’, 1994-2019, and he is  Associate editor from ISTE,  Hermes-Lavoisier and John Wiley, from 2016.

He is  member of the IFAC / TC6.1-Chemical Process Control 2003-present, member of the IFAC / TC8.4-Biosystems and Bioprocesses 2003-present, and from 2009-2013, was representing member for Romania in the General Assambly of the European Control Association, EUCA.

He received the  Romanian Academy Award ”Traian Vuia’’, 1991; Romanian Academy,  Award ’’ Gh. Cartianu’’, 2012; ’’Stefan Odobreja’’ Prize, Academy of Romanian Scientists in 2014 ; Romanian Academy Award and ’’Grand Lodge’’ Award in 2015 for the collection of works “Optimization in Systems Engineering”, published at Hermes Press, Paris and John Wiley Press, London,  201; ’’Vasile Cartianu’’  Prize, Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences in  2017 and  ’’Martin Bercivici’’ Prize, Academy of Romanian Scientists, in 2019.

He is now corresponding member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists-AOSR, 2013 and  corresponding member of the  Romanian Academy  of  Technical Sciences-ASTR, 2014.