Department of
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Română (Romanian)

Real Time Systems

Year 4, Semester 1

Titular: Professor Monica DRĂGOICEA

This lecture presents and introduction to the complex system engineering process for software requirements elicitation, system analysis and software system architecture design applied to real time systems development. UML, the standard language for specification and documentation of complex software system modelling is used in order to capture requirements, structure and behaviour of real time software.

The specific design aspects of real time systems are described according to the MDD (Model Driven Development) approach, to clearly define design specifications, real time software testing and validation concepts, towards automated code generation for prototyping and implementation.

Examples of design and coding are developed taking into account the object orientation perspective: OOT (Object Oriented Technologies), OOD (Object Oriented Design) and OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Java programming language is used as the OOP programming support. From a practical point of view, this lecture describes the way in which MDD prescribes using UML 2.x executable models to capture real time software design requirements.


Student access:

* Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers - Moodle


* Monica Dragoicea 2010 - Real-Time Systems. Model Driven Development (in Romanian). Editura Universitara, Bucharest, Romania,
370 pages, ISBN 978-973-749-924-0

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