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Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

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Foundations of Service Science

Year 5, Semester 2

Titular: Professor Monica DRĂGOICEA

Faculty: Automatic Control and Computer Science

This lecture is taught in the "Service Engineering and Management" Master program.

Service Science is a distinct field of study and research whose vision is to discover the underlying logic of complex service systems and to establish a common language and shared frameworks for service innovation. Services are: intangible, perishable, experiential, and co-produced between providers and consumers. Many services involve information-intensive practices.

The course covers basic aspects of Service Science including service systems entities, value co-creation, service-dominant logic, modelling, innovation. This course will investigate the nature of services, the need for interdisciplinary approaches to services innovation, and the technology and tools needed to provide services innovation. This is an interactive lecture that will engage students in reviewing scientific papers, class discussions, case studies analysis, and complete assignments, give presentations and write a final paper.

Adopted textbooks:

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Service Science links:

* Service Science Knowledge Environment

* International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP)

* Service Science, Community site for Service Science Education and Research

* Cambridge Service Alliance, at University of Cambridge

* Center for Services Leadership, at W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

* Succeeding through Service Innovation: A Service Perspective for Education, Research, Business and Government. IfM and IBM. (2008), Cambridge, United Kingdom: University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing. ISBN: 978-1-902546-65-0

* Making Service Science Mainstream. A white paper based on the 2009 Service Science Summit, prepared by Ovum, IBM, Aalto University Service Factory

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* INSEED project E-learning site - Moodle

* Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers Course site - Moodle

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* Foundations of Service Science